End of 2020 Experiment: Reflections

This post concludes the 2020 Experiment. It has been a year of rapid experimentation of ideas, in which I’ve learned a lot and unexpected results have come out of it. As mentioned at the start – I wanted to present (and show to anyone reading) that ideas should be carried out like experiments that can…

Starting (and ending) a Startup – My Story

This post is about my experiences of starting my startup, Comparisol, from 2017 to 2020. This is a summary of how I did it – from coming up with the idea, validating the idea, obstacles, to its eventual end – as well as the emotions I went through whilst doing it. Inception 2017. In between…

Experiment 6: L1R1 – Personalized Gaming Comics

This is the sixth experiment that took place a few months ago. In this experiement I came up with the concept of ‘L1R1 Comics’ – which are personalized children’s comics, which feature characters from their favourite games. I’m fortunate to be around a lot of Gen-Z kids – from neices, nephews, cousins, mentees and so…

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