15 Business Ideas for 2020

In my previous entry (The List of Ideas) I wrote about how I keep any business ideas in a Trello list, for inspiration, to get my ‘idea muscle’ to work regularly. Over a few years, I have hundreds of thoughts, concepts and ideas. Today, I’m sharing some of these ideas. Many were ones that I… Continue Reading →

Predatory Investors – and why they are so Dangerous

We’ve all heard of the following shows: from Shark Tank in the US, Dragon’s Den in the UK to Face The Gorillas in Rwanda. However, theres another animal out there, that is not on the television. This animal is more sinister and will invest in your startup before ripping it apart from the inside.. the… Continue Reading →

Romance Fraud: Customer Discovery Notes

Recently, I had a call with someone from the fraud investigation unit at Northumbria Police. The contact was someone that followed up on my request to speak to them last year, when I was doing research into the older community (see previous article) and in particular, vulnerable members of society. While I’m no longer doing… Continue Reading →

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